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Relationships and Spirituality from Joshua's Perspective

I want to start this blog by explaining that every single relationship is different. Not one relationship is the same as the other. Let me give you a little bit of insight on what a relationship might look like with a spiritual medium like Chantel. But first, a little backstory. When Chantel and I met I did not think too deeply into the spiritual side of life. This doesn't mean that I wasn't in touch with my spiritual side it just was not something that was a priority to me at the time. When I tell you that there are two COMPLETELY different lifestyles in this world, I mean that full hearted. Spirituality comes in all different forms and beliefs. Whether you are a devout Catholic or a Satanist, you are still believing in some form of spirituality. In my personal opinion everyone believes in something no matter if they admit it or not. When I tell you there is two different lifestyles that refers to those who don't practice or pay attention to what they believe in and there are those that dive in headfirst and embrace every single thing thrown their way on the so-called spiritual journey. I was on the side of not thinking too much or paying too much attention until I started a relationship with my very best friend and soon to be wife. It's not easy being with someone who is so driven to embrace every ounce of power that they are given. It can be very difficult at times. In the very beginning it was a ton to process. All very beautiful but nevertheless it was a TON to process. When you go from seeing a bad day as just a bad day to analyzing and breaking down the reasons why it went south and the connections to your own trauma that cause you to believe it went south it can be overwhelming but an incredible moment of clarity. I went from having memories and feelings of my grandparents during random moments in my life and just thinking it was a coincidence to learning and embracing the fact that their spirit is with you more than you think. You can either be a skeptic to spiritualism or you can be free and awake knowing that it is very much real and very much beneficial when you open yourself to it. Now for some of the good parts of stepping into life with someone so in tune with their spiritualism. First thing you start to notice is that the moon isn't just the moon anymore..... It is now a schedule, and you must abide by it. Next you should never ever, ever second guess your gut feeling (intuition) as it is always right even if you don't understand why at that exact moment. Finally, if you ever get to be with a Medium like I am so lucky to be, than don't shy away or be confused, but instead embrace every single encounter you have with a perfect stranger, because I can assure you that your spouse is going to connect with passed loved ones at the mall, restaurant, trampoline park, baseball game, bar, and everywhere in between. IT'S AMAZING DO NOT TAKE THAT FOR GRANTED. So, the next time you are asking someone about their astrological sign on a first date and they don't know the answer don't be worried just be prepared to introduce a side of life that they didn't know they needed yet.

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