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A Little About Me

Hi, my name is Tilly!  I am a unique spiritual medium. I started my spiritual journey after leaving the health care field in 2020.  I've always known that I was spiritual, although my first breakthrough into channeling came to me while in a salon.  I was stuck in a hair salon chair for two hours channeling for my hair dresser who I had never met before in my life!  Ever since that day I knew I needed to bring clarity to the world.  My social media platform has brought so many beautiful people and stories into my life and helped me get to where I am today.  I have had sessions with people from every continent and sent letters to almost all of them as well!  I have had over 1.4k sessions since beginning my journey and that's not including the thousands of people that I have helped while live on Tik Tok.  I am blessed to work with people live and in person as well, if ever in the Erie, Pennsylvania area please ask me about in person sessions!  I am here to share my gift with the world and help others grow just as I have been able to do!  My name is going worldwide with the connections that have been made. My Rich is LIFE!  Check me out on Tik Tok @uniquespiritualmedium

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